Nice to Meet You, I’m Dr. Napoleon Maminta

“I am your greatest advocate, your staunchest supporter, and your thoughtful advisor when it comes to being your physician. As an accomplished teaching physician, I will educate you as you will educate me; it is a two-way street.”

Get to Know Me

Carpe diem – seize the day! I can inundate you with all kinds of information about my work experiences, education level, and academic successes, but that information is for resumes.

What you really want to know is who I am and why would you want me to be your primary care physician.

I am an immigrant from the Philippines, arriving in 1964, and a naturalized citizen by 1980 (yes, I voted for Ronald Reagan). I came to this country when I was 5 years old and went through the the same trials and tribulations as other Americans. I learned mashed potatoes served by ice cream scoop is not ice cream, mustard is better than ketchup, my appearance is different from others, and sports are a “must” – even if you are not interested. By the way, I could not eat mashed potatoes or cole slaw until my sophomore year in college!

Each challenge was met, scrutinized and objectified as I continued to learn and grow, like all of us in life. My father taught me failure breeds success and to just keep working. Elementary school, high school, college, post-graduate education, and research experiences were successfully challenging, and I kept “seizing the day”  while learning that failure breeds success. I eventually learned to love sports and played NCAA Division I tennis for two years.

I enjoy music and dancing in the kitchen with my kids (two grade schoolers and one pair of preschoolers). We have family group hugs while I make dinner (I am the cook at home). Family is everything, and my wife is my “soul mate”. I believe that the next day will always be better and that rose-colored glasses do exist to a point. My family taught me problems have more than one way to be solved. I have Filipino-American children, and their blended cultures mean that their futures are exciting, scary and challenging. I love wine, cooking, socializing, reading, art, tennis, exercising, and learning. My first thought in the morning is what will I make for dinner. I relish challenges and accept the potential for success and failure.

So what does all of this mean for you? I am your greatest advocate, your staunchest supporter, and your thoughtful advisor when it comes to being your physician. As an accomplished teaching physician, I will educate you as you will educate me; it is a two-way street. Nothing sugar-coated and nothing held back. You will know what I know and what my opinion means. In the end, you are the ultimate decision maker. We will come to decisions based on information, not hearsay. I promise to maintain my medical knowledge base and provide you with up-to-date health information, or if necessary, refer you to someone who knows more. I will encourage you to “seize the day” when it comes to your health while always looking towards the future.

Are you interested? Then, let's go...

The Story of Naptown Priority Health

At the end of my medical residency, I was at a crossroads. Do I go into a specialty or practice primary care? I eventually realized I needed to address my medical career with a generalized approach. I wanted to understand the many aspects of adult medical care and its multiple treatment options. I jumped in with a group medical practice that allowed me to practice medicine without financial or business concerns.

As the medical field evolved over time, I was forced into the new world of corporate administrative medicine. The idea was, as more doctors join large health systems, cost control of health would follow and, eventually, better healthcare delivery. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, and with the progression of time more rules and regulations made practicing good medicine onerous and nearly impossible. Eventually, compliance to the system meant seeing more patients to “feed” the system, which resulted in significantly decreased patient time. Frustrating physician “measures” that determine if you are a “good” doctor were introduced – none of which have an impact on good medical care. These rules and regulations are driven by government influence and followed by all insurance companies.

So, how much can one handle under the stress of such a system? I became a physician to deliver quality care for my patients; not to deliver sub-quality (read dangerous) care with short office visits, no medical explanations, and no significant patient interaction. I reached my breaking point and needed to move on…

This is the reality of our current health system. Unfortunately, my story is not the outlier. Physicians silently suffer because they see no way out, and their patients, sometimes unknowingly, suffer as well.  I WAS one of those doctors, and I didn’t want my patients to suffer.


The Change

In April 2016, I left the corporate administrative health system. No longer will someone with a business degree, a profit incentive, and a physician “scorecard” based off of profits tell me how I will be delivering healthcare. Naptown Priority Health, which opened in November 2016, provides me with the platform I need to deliver the care my patients deserve.

Remember, health insurance does not equal excellent health care!

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Care Philosophy

Excellent healthcare can only come from a doctor that knows you. The only way a doctor can get to know you is if he takes the time to listen. My office visits are 45 minutes in duration. I spend the time to both understand your problem and explain how we should treat it. I know that a patient will adhere to a treatment plan if the process is understood; thus, leading to improved health overall. There are many ways to address a medical problem, and all options will be explored. My 22 years of experience has proven this time and time again.

I am not a chronic referring physician nor pill dispensary. I am a personal physician that is invested in keeping you healthy; I use referrals and testing if a patient’s care goes beyond my scope of knowledge, and only if needed. I know my limitations, no ego to offend, and I am constantly learning.  Hopefully, my patients enjoy coming to see me, but that’s not the goal. The ultimate goal is for my patients to live healthy lifestyles with minimal office visits, but have the peace of mind knowing I am available if needed.  Welcome to my prism!

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care (DPC) is a model of primary care that is quickly gaining popularity around the country. DPC breaks from the traditional insurance-based model. It is based on the idea that the patient-doctor relationship not only provides patients with better health security and care, but actually improves health outcomes. Don’t believe it? The results are in, and the data is striking. Direct primary care patients have:

  • 82% less surgeries
  • 66% less specialists visits
  • 65% fewer ER visits
  • 35% fewer hospitalizations.*

Direct primary care simply means that a practice does not bill insurance or 3rd party payers. Doing business directly with our patients means the practice is able to lower its overhead and take on less patients. Less patients per physician allows more time with each patient and less overhead means the practice can offer affordable cash pricing.

This is not concierge medicine only for the wealthy. While I provide the same level of service and care as concierge medicine, by not billing insurance, I am able to offer prices similar to a standard gym membership.

*British Medical Journal: Qliance Study